Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pictures of the real Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

I have taken some pictures on my walk to work in Newcastle. The idea of it is to give you an idea of what everyday things look like over here in the North of England. The idea was suggested by Bolt, who was interested in what it looked like over here. So this is how I see it, every morning (except this morning, when it was pouring down with rain and I caught the bus with the fogged up windows instead of walking).

Click on this link to view the side show:

I'm super busy at the moment with work, trying to do lots of things before I leave on Sunday for Italy. Italy! Hooray! Very excited about my 2 week trip to Italy. I'm going on a contiki tour there called "Simply Italy" which basically takes me around the whole country on a bus with a bunch of people, who will hopefully be a lot of fun. I've got a couple of days extra in Rome. Chris was just there and said it is such a beautiful city, even more beautiful the Paris, which mean it must be amazing!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Whitby weekend

Had another great weekend, this one in England. Nita came down from Glasgow on Friday. That night we had some very yummy tapas and wine at the Salsa Cafe. I will have to visit there more to practise my spanish! Nita is also learning spanish as her parents have just moved to Italy, so hopefully next time we go there we will be able to say more than Beunas Noches!

On Saturday my old housemate Ken drove us two Aussies to Whitby. Whitby is a gorgeous seaside town - very english, very cute. It is famous for a few reasons:
1. It is where Captain Cook is from, where all his ships were built and the starting point of his voyages of discovery (see pic of Nita and me underneath the Capt Cook statue)
2. It has great Fish and Chips (see pictures, very tasty)
3. It is where St Hilda built her abbey. This is important because Nita and I went to high school at St Hilda's. It was great to go there to see all the history we were taught at school. And the ruins are beautiful. It is no longer the abbey that St Hilda built in the 600's, but amazing medieval ruins.

It was a lovely day, a blue sky, but just a little windy.

That evening we went out on the town to celebrate Gez's birthday. It was a great night, lots of people lots of fun. We ended up dancing at World Headquarters until 3am.

Sunday was a nice quite day. Nita and I went to lunch at the local pub The Carriage for a 3 course Sunday Lunch for 7pounds. Very yummy and very a very good hangover cure!

I'm off to London for a night this week for work, then to Cumbria to visit Tim this weekend, and then the following weekend I head off to Rome for 2 weeks! All very exciting :)

Everything in Newcastle is going well. With Spanish on Tuesdays and Netball on Thursdays I feel quite busy and I'm enjoying everything. Work is improving, with me just managing myself rather than trying to get instruction... Work is interesting and diverse, and I get along really well with Jenny, who has the same job as me. The Science Festival coordinator, who I sit next to, resigned today, citing her problems with the management as her main reason. I can totally understand... Anyway, it is all going well.

Chris is currently drinking too much beer at Oktoberfest in Munich. Wont be seeing him till mid-November... But I've managed to keep myself very busy in the mean time! Miss him heaps though.

Hope you are doing well,

Love Jo