Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pictures of the real Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

I have taken some pictures on my walk to work in Newcastle. The idea of it is to give you an idea of what everyday things look like over here in the North of England. The idea was suggested by Bolt, who was interested in what it looked like over here. So this is how I see it, every morning (except this morning, when it was pouring down with rain and I caught the bus with the fogged up windows instead of walking).

Click on this link to view the side show:

I'm super busy at the moment with work, trying to do lots of things before I leave on Sunday for Italy. Italy! Hooray! Very excited about my 2 week trip to Italy. I'm going on a contiki tour there called "Simply Italy" which basically takes me around the whole country on a bus with a bunch of people, who will hopefully be a lot of fun. I've got a couple of days extra in Rome. Chris was just there and said it is such a beautiful city, even more beautiful the Paris, which mean it must be amazing!

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