Monday, April 24, 2006


Puffins taking off in the Farne Islands

On Saturday I went to the Farne Islands with Ken, Baz and Nita. We got a boat tour out to the islands which were teaming with wildlife. Puffins (cute birds, a cross between a penguin and a parrot to look at) flying like little torpedo flying penguins, grey seals lounging on rocky outcrops, and so many birds nesting on rock faces, including shags, guillemots, turns, eider ducks, and cormorants. It was great to see such amazing wildlife all around. I decided that was something that I've missed from my travels so far- lots of wildlife.
So many birds!

We went out dancing with the crew last night. Was so great! And today was spent wandering around town after dropping off Nita. I saw "The White Countess" at the movies, which was a great film, very subtle and beautiful, set in Shanghai before WWII.

Grey seals catching some sun

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