Sunday, March 28, 2010

Israel and Australia, a few facts and figures

I was browsing the internet learning about the Passover holiday, which starts tomorrow, when I got sidetracked on Wikipedia (an inevitable consequence of me going on that site). I came across a few interesting stats about Australia and Israel. These are taken form Wikipedia, so doubt them as much as you like, but it does make for interesting comparisons.

Land area:
151 largest country, 22,072km2, 0.01% of the world's surface (Excluding the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip; including the Golan Heights).

 - 2009 estimate: 7,465,002 (96th)
 - Density: 356.8/km2 (34th)

GDP (PPP) 2008 estimate
 - Total: US$202.562 billion (50th)
 - Per capita: $28,473 (31st)

Judean Desert, From Israel

Land area:
6th largest country, 7,692,024km2, 5.2% of the world's surface     Includes Cocos (Keeling) Islands (14 km2/5.4 sq mi), Christmas Island (135 km2/52 sq mi), Macquarie Island (128 km2/49 sq mi), and Lord Howe Island (56 km2/22 sq mi).[12]  Excludes external territories of Norfolk Island (36 km2/14 sq mi), Ashmore and Cartier Islands (5 km2/1.9 sq mi), Coral Sea Islands Territory (0.91 km2/0.35 sq mi), and Heard and McDonald Islands (372 km2/144 sq mi). Excludes claims on Australian Antarctic Territory  (5,896,500 km2/2,276,700 sq mi). Largest country in Oceania.

- 2010 estimate: 22,203,464
- Density: 2.833/km2 (232nd, only Greenland has a lower population density)

GDP (PPP)     2008 estimate
 - Total: $799.054 billion (18th)
 -  Per capita: $36,918 (15th)

Kata Tjuta, From Central Australia
Out of interest, the largest country in the world is Russia, and the smallest of the 233 countries in the world is Vatican City.

Read up more on Israel and Australia on Wikipedia if you feel like getting sidetracked....

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  1. Is popn 7mill or 70mill? Ahh yes another check of wiki = 7, 688, 000