Monday, February 06, 2012


Now I have some goals articulated, I need to work on accountability. I need to keep on track, to work towards my goals, not get distracted in the small things of life.

The problem is that I am easily distracted by a mind that wanders all the time through thoughts and ideas, so that while I'm writing this here I've had about 10 ideas for things to do and explore that I've written on the weekly planner that sits beside me. I've also been checking my nails to see if they need filing. And I've thought that I need to fix the blank white wall in front of me by filling it with inspiring things and images. And in that time I've written about 200 words, which I will need to edit and make readable for you all.

Everyone works in different ways, and it's a matter of you figuring out what works for you. I need to have 5 lists of things that I need to do. Amit needs only one list that he just does. I need to break down all my list items into minute steps so that I do not get scared by an item and then avoid doing it. I need 20 minute timers to tackle tasks I don't want to do (but need to be done). I've tried doing away with lists and timers and going with my heart, but it never really works. I forget important things, stress out, and go around in circles doing unnecessary things.

Take a dip into our lives now with my first video on being an entrepreneur! You can see what Amit and my work stations look like, and take a peek at our to do lists, and see what is outside our window. Enjoy!

A few links from the video:
The weeklyplanner from Kikki.K – it comes with lots of tear-off sheets 
Books that inspire:
Screw Work, Let’s Play: How to do what you love and get paid for it, by John Williams 

Accountability – sharing your goals with others
Amit and I just started having morning meetings, where we write our lists for things to do today and also discuss any issues we are having with what we are doing at the moment.

Once a week we're reviewing our major goals and how we're progressing towards them for the year. This works because we're open with each other about any doubts we have, and provide honest feedback.

There are other ways of being accountably to your goals.

One idea is a weekly check in – you can email a few close friends or loved one (or even post a list to Facebook!) with the list of things you aim to do that week. And at the end of the week check in and say what you’ve actually done. Of course you need to make sure that you give yourself a reward if you complete everything you said you would (like a piece of cake, drinking wine with friends, a walk in the park, or something similar).

Another idea is creating a small mastermind group that meets weekly to help each other achieve their goals.

Mastermind groups exist all over the world and help people with accountability by creating a support network around helping each other succeed in their business and goals. There is lots of information on how to start your own mastermind group, but the basic idea is:
- a group of 3 to 5 people
- working on achieving something for themselves, like creating a business
- committed to meeting once a week
- in person or via skype etc.

This site gives a nice run down of what a mastermind group is and how it works 

How do you stay accountable to your goals? And what do you think of my video?? (I noticed that I stumble over words when I'm trying to focus the camera...)


  1. Nice to see you Jo, and your workingstations (and the glimpse of Tel Aviv)! The books you recommend sound really interesting. I'm looking for inspiring stuff all the time, it helps me to stay focused. And the weekly check in tip is a good one, I'm going to talk to Tim about this, haha. Have a great and productive week!

  2. Thank you Rosa! A weekly check-in is a good way to stay on track, and at the very least mark your progress :) Good luck with staying on track! I find it so hard sometimes... The two books are great.

  3. I know exactly what you mean..too many distractions..pff.;) Btw, I'm working on my own website at the moment and I would love to share posts from you as well, when it's in the air (with a link of course and maybe some Dutch intro). I want to make some sort of a collection of writings I love/like and some work of my own. Would you like this? I also feel in this time entrepreneurs should support eachother and work together. So why not overseas.:)

  4. Sounds great Rosa! And I'd love to share some of my writing on your site - what a great idea! Keep me posted!